Monday, November 29, 2010

Cinderel-Lah! reflection- Arthur Lee

Hi guys, here is my reflection on the theatre experience. It is gonna be split into 3 key parts, how it caught my attention, pros of the play, cons of the play.

-How it caught my attention
What caught my attention was its funny sense of humor that only Singaporeans or people who live very long here, will understand. It uses a lot of strong Singaporean aspects, like its strong Singlish influence, and its jokes like how you expect a car when the original story had a pumpkin carriage, but it was the MRT.

They have a very talented crew of actors, and a good band. The actors are believable as crazy as the situation may be, and the band was spot on, the music was clear, crisp and well coordinated.
The twisted tale was twisted in such a way that all of us can relate to it because it really is Singaporean.
The Singlish and the strong accents of the various races were very funny, and it was really interactive with the audience.

It was targeted to more of a childish audience, except for some of the scenes and dialogue.
That is all I can think of, it was really good.

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  1. *like* This was exactly what I was thinking too :D