Thursday, December 2, 2010

Reflections For Cinderel-LAH (Ethan)

- The props were well made and detailed. The colors on the props enhanced the image of the props and made them look more eye-catching.

- The actors were well trained the scenes were well rehearsed. The transition of the crew from one scene to another was perfect and had almost no flaws.

- The music which was played and the songs which were sang made the show more captivating to watch. I was amazed how well the voices of the singers, the background music and the music from the orchestra seemed to harmonize so wonderfully.

- There was interaction with audience and the fusion of Singaporean English into the show. That made Cinderel-LAH stand out from other performances.

- Overall, it was a fun and enjoyable experience watching the show and being mesmerized by the music and songs.

Cinderel-LAH! Wow~By Lai Ziying :)

Musical dramas are my favourites and what fasitaste me the most is the experience of enrichment they provide the audience with. Music is a media which is able to convey emotions regardless of the language used, thus, it is a very good media to express our storylines to our audience.

What impressed me by the crew of Cinderel-LAH! are the following points:

The well-prepared crew
-Music Band
-Actors and actress
-Prop In-chargers
-The settings
-Creative ways to respond to the audience if the audience's reactions are not what the crew expects. e.g “Let me tell you a secret, ‘if she doesn’t wake up, the show will never end.’”

The Creative storyline: Who says Cinderel-LAH cannot leave her glass high-heel behind intentionally? And who says Prince must be a prince? :D

Successful engagements by lively dances and songs

Other Elements: 
Effects for Engagement: Magic--the flying handkerchief

Involvement of social phenomenal: People in Singapore may not be willing or daring enough to voice out their opinions, so during the show, the actors encouraged the audience to ‘talk back’ and that definitely got a warm reaction and applaud from the audience. 
Interaction with the audience

The Time for appreciation: 
Behind each success, there are a lot of hardworking and diligent people working towards a common goal. Therefore when some time was allocated for the actors and actress to give appreciation to the audience, the music band and the whole crew, I felt good as people's whole-hearted appreciation always give the others a resonant warmth which touch their hearts.

*Call to action was used: To buy the CDs and the booklets to show support and suggest the show to other friends and relatives of ours. (Making all opportunities to earn profits.) When it comes to our SYF, the case will be making full use of all the opportunities to widespread our performance and gain support!

Rooms for Improvements:
Singlish-Not good for children because they may be influenced by the poor English.

The above are the details of my reflection on Cinderel-LAH! Once again, thanks to SST and the teachers  for providing us with such an engaging and precious experience. :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cinderel-LAH! Reflection (Carisa)

Good Points

  • The props switched very fast.
  • The props are simple but tells the audience a lot about what is happening.
  • It is very localised and keeps the audience engaged.
  • The voices of the actors and actresses were very strong and audible.
Bad Points

  • Audience that are not Singaporeans or have not lived in Singapore for a long time will not get the jokes and the play will be boring for them.
I enjoyed the play overall and I feel that we can learn from the play and apply it to our SYF performance. I think the areas we should improve are the interaction between the actors and audience and also the audibility of the actors' voices.

Cinderel-LAH reflection ( Yi Lin )

The actors and actresses were very skilled and they did not forget their lines. The volume was loud and the pronunciation of the words were very clear. The whole show was very 'singaporean', when they used dialects and converse with each other. The use of the lighting was good. It was interactive therefore making it more interesting and not that boring.

Cinder-Lah Reflections (Jasper)

- Great use of variety of colors
- Great use of space on stage
- Interaction with Audience
- Great use of props
- Great use of Background.

Reminders for Tmr (2.12.10)

  • All Actor should have their script tmr
  • Crew members please bring your macbook
  • Bring Notebook + Pen
  • Please Bring Masking Tape & Twine if you have
  • Bring rags

Cinderel-Lah! Reflection (Kimberly)

Good Points

Props & Set
  • Props & Set were switch fast
  • Props have bright colors, eye-catching
Music & Sound Effect
  • Meaning of Song are funny
  • While the actors are singing, they still move about (e.g. dancing)
  • Sound Effects and the actions of the actors "match"
  • Actors interact with the audiences by getting them to response and they also went down the stage to interact with them
Bad Points
  • The play is too localized that some of the audience like the foreign does not understand.

Cinderal-LAH! Performance Reflections (by Sher Li)

Good Parts:
- The whole set was very well-organised, in such a way that allows the audience to see everything clearly.
- The attention of the audience is drawn to the main point during each part, although many things are happening at one time.
- It was well-suited to the age group of the audience, and there was interaction with the audience so we would not get bored. There were also many jokes which kept our attention to the show.
- The set was changed very quickly and efficiently, as several platforms were reused, such as the door at the side of the stage.
- The music and lights made the scenes very convincing and realistic.

Parts which can be improved on:
- The show is mainly targeted at Singaporeans, so only those who have lived in Singapore for a long time would understand the lingo and terms used in the show. Tourists or visitors to Singapore might not be able to understand, although various parts of the show hint to us about the meaning of the lingo.

I feel that the good parts of the performance overpowered the parts which required improvement, and made it rather difficult to find improvements to be made on the performance. We can also learn from them how to engage our audience and capture their attention throughout the whole act.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cinderel-LAH! Performance - Reflections (By Eunice)

Overview of the show

Poor Cindy lives in a crowded HDB flat with her Evil Casino-Obsessed Step-Mother and two Ugly Step-Sisters, Precious and Treasure.  All she dreams about is going to The Grand Fish Ball where Prince Char Mee will choose a bride.  Fairy God Makcik appears, and Cindy is transformed from “no taste” to “fashion ace” and off to The Ball she goes!  But will the Prince recognise her?  Will the shoe fit?  And will true love find a way?


After watching the show, I feel that they have done a great performance, and that we, as a Drama Club, can learn from its good parts and the parts that are not as good, so that we can try to have the good parts and be more aware of the not-so-good parts to not commit the same ‘mistakes’ during our performances.

The Good Parts

The actors were really aware of the demographics of the audience, and they know which age group they are targeting at, such that the show really suited them, and everyone enjoyed it.

I think this is because the show was created to promote theatre to families and young children, such that not only can the kids learn to appreciate such performing arts, but also have some quality time with their families. So, the performance had very clear diction, even in the singing parts, such that everyone knows what the actors are saying/singing, and the actors made the audience participate in the performance as well, such that everyone is very engaged in the show. Such things attract their audience of young children, knowing that they do not have a long attention span and eventually get bored if they just watch the show.

We can learn from this point by being more aware of our audience and create our performance such that it suits them better. For example, for the SYF, because our audience is the judges, we need to impress them by doing a performance that they can relate to better, which is what we did (cars and parking, as there is a high chance that they drive.) Also, because the SYF is a competition, I think that we need to put in a lot of effort and creativity to give the performance that ‘extra something’ to make it different and outstanding from the others, in order to do well.

The Not-so-good Parts

There are some minor slips in their speech (the loss of accents at some points, leaving the audience wondering if that was on purpose and how it is part of the story, such that they might not engage with the following parts of the show that well).

I think this is because the whole act was 3 hours’ long (I think), and that to continue acting in an accent that you do not usually speak in would be really tiring and distracts them from being the character they were supposed to be. However, I think they did a great job catching themselves before it was too late and immediately changed back into their accents again.

We can learn from this by making sure we are always acting in character - and not who we really are - onstage. Our performances are definitely shorter than this show, so we should be able to be in our character throughout the whole piece and if we rehearse enough, we should not have any slip-ups.


All in all, I think that Cinderel-LAH! was a great performance, and that it was an eye-opener for me as I seldom have such theatre experiences. Hooray to all the actors - you were great! And to the playwright that wrote such a good piece! And definitely to all the musicians and all the people helping out to put this piece together! It was a success :D

Cinderel-LAH! Reflection (by Pasakorn)

Based on the play that we saw, there are a few key points that I could gather from the show...


Everything worked so well together to create the perfect play. The music, cast, storyline, comedy acts... All were merged together in such an unforgettable way. I think that is something we should work for, co-ordinating everything to leave a good impression.

Never Boring

The various jokes they made that relate to Singapore's local context and even other things made this play unforgettable. If possible, we can work in the route that include a lot of good jokes.

"Yah lor, Treasure, I got to go to the gym leh!"

"Jang, jang, jang!"

"Diamonds and pearls, not the bubble tea kind."

"Guard this rope with all your life or I'll pull something until it drops off!"

"Oh, F... (Point, point...) Foreign workers!"

"MRT - Makcik Rock Train"

(Push Cheng & Heng, Long sound effect of falling)

Music & Lights

While watching the play, I observed the lights and realised that good lighting is very important for an appealing play. They combined several different colours at one go. What's more, certain patterns were used in the Grand Fish Ball.

After listening to the music complementing the play, I was so stuck to it that I wanted to listen to it again and again. (Thank goodness I bought the CD) The music was apparent in almost every part of the performance. Something that works well to the senses.

Combining So Many Things

The play even went out of Singapore context with so many things. Here are 2 examples:

1. Masquerade

Remember Poker Face's appearance in the play? If you had noticed, the cast actually dressed up as various princesses during the ball. Those were famous relations with popular things everyone knows about. Loved it! There were stuff like:

  • Queen of Hearts, Alice in Wonderland
  • The Little Mermaid, The Little Mermaid
  • Snow White, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  • Princess Fiona, Shrek
2. Around the World

When searching for Cinderella, the prince took the cast around the world to China, Egypt and India. The sound effects made it seem so real, which brings me to another point.

Costume Changing Abilities

I think the fastest they did was when Cinderella's pitiful dress was changed to the ball dress. It happened in a matter of seconds, just like magic! I still don't know how they did it, but it was great!

That's it for my reflection!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Cinderel-Lah! reflection- Arthur Lee

Hi guys, here is my reflection on the theatre experience. It is gonna be split into 3 key parts, how it caught my attention, pros of the play, cons of the play.

-How it caught my attention
What caught my attention was its funny sense of humor that only Singaporeans or people who live very long here, will understand. It uses a lot of strong Singaporean aspects, like its strong Singlish influence, and its jokes like how you expect a car when the original story had a pumpkin carriage, but it was the MRT.

They have a very talented crew of actors, and a good band. The actors are believable as crazy as the situation may be, and the band was spot on, the music was clear, crisp and well coordinated.
The twisted tale was twisted in such a way that all of us can relate to it because it really is Singaporean.
The Singlish and the strong accents of the various races were very funny, and it was really interactive with the audience.

It was targeted to more of a childish audience, except for some of the scenes and dialogue.
That is all I can think of, it was really good.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


This is an exciting message to Drama Club members. We are going to watch a play in the school holidays! Here is the information about the play:


25 November - 11 December 2010
Directed by IVAN HENGBook & Lyrics by SELENA TANMusic by ELAINE CHAN
Emma Yong, Sebastian Tan, Chua Enlai, Darius Tan, Neo Swee Lin, Lim Kay Siu, Karen Lim, Siti Khalijah Zainal, Dwayne Lau, Andrew Ng, Tan Shou Chen, Alecia Kim Chua,
Josephine Tan, Najip Ali & Gurmit Singh
"Cinderel-lah's greatest achievement was that there was something in it for both adults and children." - SPH The Straits Times LIFE!
"It brought out the true essence of a pantomime.  I daresay everyone enjoyed every minute of it." - The Flying Inkpot
Poor Cindy lives in a crowded HDB flat with her Evil Casino-Obsessed Step-Mother and two Ugly Step-Sisters, Precious and Treasure.  All she dreams about is going to The Grand Fish Ball where Prince Char Mee will choose a bride.  Fairy God Makcik appears, and Cindy is transformed from “no taste” to “fashion ace” and off to The Ball she goes!  But will the Prince be recognise her?  Will the shoe fit?  And will true love find a way?

With an imaginative local spin on the world's favourite fairy-tale, CINDEREL-LAH!, W!LD RICE’s very first musical pantomime is BACK, revamped and upsized especially for the Esp-LAH-nade!!

Come with your kids, your parents, their parents, your friends, your workmates and your loved ones and have a party!  CINDEREL-LAH! is hilarious fun for ALL!

Die Die Must Watch LAH!

03 – 28 December 2003, Jubilee Hall, Singapore
ABOUT THE W!LD RICE PANTOMIMEOnce a year, the best of Singapore’s theatre artistes come together to celebrate the festive season by taking everyone’s favourite fairy tales and giving them an imaginative local twist – just to bring laughter and the magic of theatre to audiences from five to eighty-five.

The W!LD RICE Pantomime brings together all the elements of a great family entertainment – slapstick comedy, satire, political incorrectness, snazzy songs, toe-tapping dance routines, cross-dressing, fabulous costumes and spectacular sets, audience participation and a Good versus Evil story that is strong on romance and adventure.

Through First Stage, W!LD RICE also develops the talents of children from the ages of 5 to 16, many of whom take their first steps on the Singapore stage.

Beauty & The Beast (2009), Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs (2008), Jack & The Bean-Sprout! (2006), Oi! Sleeping Beauty!! (2005), Aladdin (2004) and Cinderel-LAH! (2003) have tickled and touched an audience of over 70,000.  Today, the W!LD RICE Pantomime has become the MUST-SEE musical of the holiday season, and the best possible way to round up the busy year!

What we need to know is the dates that you would be available for us to watch the play as a CCA group. The dates are from 25 November to 11 December. Please comment  to tell us your preferred dates.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Drama Club's Journey

Hello all,

How are you this wet Wednesday afternoon? I was looking at the photos posted and it brought back such fun memories. It's been such a joyride. So how has the journey been for you so far? I've enjoyed watching you come out of your shells and I must say Drama Club members are definitely more vocal and outspoken. The National Library performance at Jurong was our first public performance and it was a blast! The librarian was so impressed and I was so proud of each and every one of you for rising up to the occasion. Then we had the Ramayana dramatization for Racial Harmony day.......I loved seeing you transform into epic characters. Not to mention the was awesome. I love the little blue boy! (*wink wink) Well I hope you have had as much as I had. Can't wait to read your posts.

Mrs Nair

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Performance Photos

With regards to the 2 performances we had, the photos are going up on the blog tomorrow. Please check for updates.

Toodles! And don't park here.

Your Drama Club Secretary

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Hello fellow drama club members!!
Arthur here just to kickstart the knack of posting, so yeah. Remember next drama club meeting must have some stories ready.