Wednesday, September 22, 2010


This is an exciting message to Drama Club members. We are going to watch a play in the school holidays! Here is the information about the play:


25 November - 11 December 2010
Directed by IVAN HENGBook & Lyrics by SELENA TANMusic by ELAINE CHAN
Emma Yong, Sebastian Tan, Chua Enlai, Darius Tan, Neo Swee Lin, Lim Kay Siu, Karen Lim, Siti Khalijah Zainal, Dwayne Lau, Andrew Ng, Tan Shou Chen, Alecia Kim Chua,
Josephine Tan, Najip Ali & Gurmit Singh
"Cinderel-lah's greatest achievement was that there was something in it for both adults and children." - SPH The Straits Times LIFE!
"It brought out the true essence of a pantomime.  I daresay everyone enjoyed every minute of it." - The Flying Inkpot
Poor Cindy lives in a crowded HDB flat with her Evil Casino-Obsessed Step-Mother and two Ugly Step-Sisters, Precious and Treasure.  All she dreams about is going to The Grand Fish Ball where Prince Char Mee will choose a bride.  Fairy God Makcik appears, and Cindy is transformed from “no taste” to “fashion ace” and off to The Ball she goes!  But will the Prince be recognise her?  Will the shoe fit?  And will true love find a way?

With an imaginative local spin on the world's favourite fairy-tale, CINDEREL-LAH!, W!LD RICE’s very first musical pantomime is BACK, revamped and upsized especially for the Esp-LAH-nade!!

Come with your kids, your parents, their parents, your friends, your workmates and your loved ones and have a party!  CINDEREL-LAH! is hilarious fun for ALL!

Die Die Must Watch LAH!

03 – 28 December 2003, Jubilee Hall, Singapore
ABOUT THE W!LD RICE PANTOMIMEOnce a year, the best of Singapore’s theatre artistes come together to celebrate the festive season by taking everyone’s favourite fairy tales and giving them an imaginative local twist – just to bring laughter and the magic of theatre to audiences from five to eighty-five.

The W!LD RICE Pantomime brings together all the elements of a great family entertainment – slapstick comedy, satire, political incorrectness, snazzy songs, toe-tapping dance routines, cross-dressing, fabulous costumes and spectacular sets, audience participation and a Good versus Evil story that is strong on romance and adventure.

Through First Stage, W!LD RICE also develops the talents of children from the ages of 5 to 16, many of whom take their first steps on the Singapore stage.

Beauty & The Beast (2009), Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs (2008), Jack & The Bean-Sprout! (2006), Oi! Sleeping Beauty!! (2005), Aladdin (2004) and Cinderel-LAH! (2003) have tickled and touched an audience of over 70,000.  Today, the W!LD RICE Pantomime has become the MUST-SEE musical of the holiday season, and the best possible way to round up the busy year!

What we need to know is the dates that you would be available for us to watch the play as a CCA group. The dates are from 25 November to 11 December. Please comment  to tell us your preferred dates.

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