Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cinderal-LAH! Performance Reflections (by Sher Li)

Good Parts:
- The whole set was very well-organised, in such a way that allows the audience to see everything clearly.
- The attention of the audience is drawn to the main point during each part, although many things are happening at one time.
- It was well-suited to the age group of the audience, and there was interaction with the audience so we would not get bored. There were also many jokes which kept our attention to the show.
- The set was changed very quickly and efficiently, as several platforms were reused, such as the door at the side of the stage.
- The music and lights made the scenes very convincing and realistic.

Parts which can be improved on:
- The show is mainly targeted at Singaporeans, so only those who have lived in Singapore for a long time would understand the lingo and terms used in the show. Tourists or visitors to Singapore might not be able to understand, although various parts of the show hint to us about the meaning of the lingo.

I feel that the good parts of the performance overpowered the parts which required improvement, and made it rather difficult to find improvements to be made on the performance. We can also learn from them how to engage our audience and capture their attention throughout the whole act.

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