Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cinderel-LAH! Wow~By Lai Ziying :)

Musical dramas are my favourites and what fasitaste me the most is the experience of enrichment they provide the audience with. Music is a media which is able to convey emotions regardless of the language used, thus, it is a very good media to express our storylines to our audience.

What impressed me by the crew of Cinderel-LAH! are the following points:

The well-prepared crew
-Music Band
-Actors and actress
-Prop In-chargers
-The settings
-Creative ways to respond to the audience if the audience's reactions are not what the crew expects. e.g “Let me tell you a secret, ‘if she doesn’t wake up, the show will never end.’”

The Creative storyline: Who says Cinderel-LAH cannot leave her glass high-heel behind intentionally? And who says Prince must be a prince? :D

Successful engagements by lively dances and songs

Other Elements: 
Effects for Engagement: Magic--the flying handkerchief

Involvement of social phenomenal: People in Singapore may not be willing or daring enough to voice out their opinions, so during the show, the actors encouraged the audience to ‘talk back’ and that definitely got a warm reaction and applaud from the audience. 
Interaction with the audience

The Time for appreciation: 
Behind each success, there are a lot of hardworking and diligent people working towards a common goal. Therefore when some time was allocated for the actors and actress to give appreciation to the audience, the music band and the whole crew, I felt good as people's whole-hearted appreciation always give the others a resonant warmth which touch their hearts.

*Call to action was used: To buy the CDs and the booklets to show support and suggest the show to other friends and relatives of ours. (Making all opportunities to earn profits.) When it comes to our SYF, the case will be making full use of all the opportunities to widespread our performance and gain support!

Rooms for Improvements:
Singlish-Not good for children because they may be influenced by the poor English.

The above are the details of my reflection on Cinderel-LAH! Once again, thanks to SST and the teachers  for providing us with such an engaging and precious experience. :)

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